The people's minicab company.

Passengers pay less... Drivers earn more... and, we pay our taxes... ...in the UK. Go Fair fair for everyone.

What is the big idea?
The big idea is to end commissions forever, and enable our drivers to become truly self employed. We want to set them free!
We want our passengers to enjoy a safe, reliable and convenient platfrom to book their minicab journeys without having to worry about "data misuse" or "surge pricing".

We propose a better way forward.

We're a minicab operator with a difference. We have a fair business model and the will to implement it.
While others have tried to dominate the market, we are here to set it free!
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Why try?

Because everyone deserves a fair deal.


We bring you a state of the art booking app and happy drivers.
Our deep learning algorithm tracks your journey, ensures your safety and learns
your preferences...without ever invading your privacy. All for a fair price, too.


An end to the extortionate and unfair commission system. For good!
Drivers pay a refundable joining deposit of £250.00 and
a flat rate processing fee of £0.25 per job. No strings attached.


No more hide and seek, greyballing or tax-dodging.
We allow legislators and law enforcement on-demand access to our
core system so that passenger and driver safety is never compromised.
How does it work?
We start with the latest mapping technology and some clever code to build the finest booking and dispatch system the world has ever seen. And then...
...we charge only what’s fair - enough to cover our costs - and allow the platform to make life a little better for our drivers, our passengers and our regulators.

It’s all very simple...

We have achieved optimal integration of the best technologies available today.
We are powered by the best.
When & Where?
Our driver and passenger apps are scheduled to be released during the month of March 2019.
Drivers with TfL License operating in Greater London can pre-register immediately.
Launching soon in:
+44 (0) 203 823 6828
119/7 Lakeside House, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB11 1BD
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