The only way to go anywhere.

go far... go near... wherever you go... GO FAIR fair for everyone. go here... go there... everywhere you go... always GO FAIR fair for everyone.

Fair for everyone...
We have a simple aim. We want to use the best technoloy in the fairest way possible to make life a little better for all concerned. We want to end "surge" (ransom) pricing, unfair cancellation charges, and data misuse.
When you come to think of it, we are not asking for much. This is how it always should have been - and it is here now!

One day everyone will #GoFair...

Our claim to be fair does not stop with our name and our motto. We are fully dedicated to ensuring that all our stakeholders can be proud of the services we provide.
For a change, travel with a driver that doesn't complain about their operator...next time you travel, #GoFair...
Value without compromise...

Fair pricing... Fair deal...

The Formula

£5.00 for the first mile. £1.00 for each additional mile.
Calculated every 1/10th of a mile. Full stop.
No hidden charges. No confusion.

The Peak Hours

We are all for fair pricing, so we say "NO" to "ransoms" at any hour.
Every journey distance is precisely calculated so that you know the exact cost of a journey before you book. No nasty surprises.

Loyalty and Gratitude

We value your repeat custom, so we offer FairMiles rewards when you travel regularly with us.
It's our way of saying Thank you! to our regular customers.
You always get better value when you #GoFair...
Built for efficiency...
GoFair is the result of more than three years of solid research, and it shows in our system.
Our blazing fast, easy to use platform is backed up by a deicated team of fully trained
customer service executives based in the United Kingdom.
We provide 24/7 live support - from real human beings - through the app, over phone and via email.

It’s all very simple...

The key to our efficiency is in the simplicity of our integration.
Together, we make it work!
Big benefits!

No hassles.

Best value

Enjoy some of the cheapest fares in London. We offer the best value for money for all your journeys.

Fair Pricing

An end to the unfair practice of "surge pricing" during peak hours. Our pricing is transparent and up-front.

Data Security

We don't hold any data that identfies you, other than your registered mobile number. Safe!

Live Support

UK based dedicated customer support team, ready to assist you around the clock, at the tap of a button.

Unmatched Safety

The custom-built Securicab algorithm tracks your journey in real time for any abnormalities.

Loyalty Matters

Our FairMiles programme ensures that you always get something extra when you #GoFair...

We offer all the latest ways to pay for your journey via the app or in cash. For businesses we offer online account management with invoicing facilities (credit subject to status).
+44 (0) 207 632 3451
Unit 119/7, Lakeside House, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB11 1BD
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